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I became fascinated with Water Gilding in the mid 90's and decided to work in this media. I work on panels gilded with gold, silver, brass, or copper leaf.

This body of work began five years ago using the water gilding technique I have developed over the last twelve years.

My process begins with a panel, 5-ply Finland birch, artboard, etc. I coat with several layers of gesso which is sanded and followed by eight to ten coats of "bole". Bole is a mixture of clay (red,blue,yellow,green, or black) and animal hide glue. This surface is smoothed to a fine finish with up to 600 grit sandpaper and polished with 4/0 steel wool. The surface is moistened, which activates the glue, and the metal leaf is applied. The leaf is then burnished to the degree desired. The leaf is so thin that the color of the clay is able to shine through, subtlety and magically affecting the metal leaf while dramatically increasing the sense of depth. I work with gold, white gold, silver, or copper leaf. I may buff the surface to reveal more clay. Silver and copper respond well to a variety of patinas. White gold will tarnish in lovely and unpredictable ways. For pigment I use water color, ink, or acrylic.

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